Los Padres Natl Forest - 2020 Run Cards


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Mar 1, 2019
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https://gacc.nifc.gov/oscc/ecc/lpcc/LOGISTICS/DISPATCH/BEU Run Cards.pdf

looks like all the federal freqs have been removed - except 170.00 for air to ground

in the RRDB 'A/G 41' is listed for lpnf but no freq is listed - could it be 170.00?
170.0000 is no longer an air to ground frequency, anywhere in the nation. It is now the output frequency for the NIFC Command 4 repeaters. Although this shows a July, 2020 revision date this air to ground frequency was not checked or edited. 170.0000 was formerly the air to ground for all of R5 of the USFS. That switched several years ago to having 7 air to grounds divided up among 4 initial attack zones for the entire state. Air to Ground 41 is 167.4750 and all naming of the air to ground frequencies and the zones they are assigned to is on a national basis. Also, two air to air FM Air Tactics frequencies are assigned to each national forest. Outside California Air Tactics are always VHF-AM "victor" frequencies.

Daddy and I worked hard on a 2020 National Air to Ground list, which is posted under a thread I started in the Federal forums. I don't find errors in official documents very often, but obviously we have one here. Since the public can readily access these run cards, this error might be intentional, not something I've found very often. Most of what I rely on are official documents not available to the public. This error does not affect units in the field, who know what air to ground frequencies have been assigned to their forests, BLM districts, parks and refuges. Standard practice is for dispatch to confirm all resources on a previously announced dispatch are responding first, second is to announce the frequencies being used for command and air to ground. Example: BEEP, BEEP "All units responding to the incident in Area 32, this will be the Chews incident. Command will be Forest Net Tone 10, receive 170 decimal 4625, transmit 164 decimal 9125, Tone 10 107.2, Chews Ridge. Tactical will be LPF Tac 3, 168. decimal 2625. Air to ground will be Air to Ground 41, 167 decimal 4750."