Lost Philly Police

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Dec 28, 2009
Philadelphia, PA
Last night I proudly figured out how to download some counties from my state (PA) and upload the data to my PSR 500 from the RR database. I had paid ScannerMaster to program Philadelphia county for me and it was working fine. I since added a few more counties. But, I noticed that I'm not hearing anything from the Philly Police. I see the scanner passing by the various police entries but it never stops to play a broadcast. I noticed that there is no letter 'T' at the top-left of my scanner pane. I see the letter 'G' and the letter 'S' and good signal strength but it won't stop on any Philly police. I believe that the letter 'T' signifies that the scanner is receiving/decoding the trunking systems control tone (not sure about my terminology here) but I hope you know what I mean.
Could anyone suggest what to look for when I download the system into the ARC 500 software grid? I know everything is assigned to a talk list so it's not that. Any help or suggestions is appreciated.
Not open for further replies.