Louisville logs


Database Admin
Dec 18, 2002
Houston, Texas
Didn't see this freq+tone in the database
158.4 d032 medevac, Med 14 did you land safely at SDF - simplex or repeater input (both sides heard) (probably N223AE leaving Jewish hospital)

168.525 VA Hospital data/voice paging
170.75 r? n293 Federal Courthouse security (encrypted)
407.5375 DMR cc6 tg1 sl1 USPS Operations (sort/mail processing)
407.5375 DMR cc6 tg2 sl2 USPS Maintenance
407.975 R? 118.8 voice - Census Bureau per db
408.2375 R d165 VA Hospital Maintenance
409.4375 R n663 VA Hospital Police
409.925 r 151.4 voice - Census Bureau per db
410.8 r n201 FPS (encrypted)
410.9 r? DMR voice cc1 sl1
419.225 r? 114.8 mail for # - Census Bureau per db

Other stuff
152.485 paging data
461.025 cc7 sl1 tg5 starting another interior patrol
461.1875 71.9 r? Voice
461.2 cc1 sl1 tg3 parking
461.375 cc1 tg1 sl1 is the rent check in the safe, yes
461.4125 cc1 sl1 tg11 KFC Yum Center 24-hour security
461.8625 cc9 sl1 medication
463.85 cc7 sl1 tg5 "dispatch"
464.025 R cc7 voice - Norton Healthcare?
464.575 R 179.9 hotel (Galt House? different tone in RR database)
464.6125 (469.6125 in) R d432 Brown Hotel ops
464.8875 r (NXDN RAN 1) Sud-Chemie