Low Band Skip from 08/02/2008

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Jan 8, 2008
Drexel Hill, PA
I was with friends last night and we went to the Governor Printz State Park by the Delaware River in the Essington section of Tinicum Township, Delaware County, PA around 20:00. I decided to do some DXing to see what I could find. Sure enough, I was more than satisfied with the results. Here is a list of what I got. I was using my Pro 97 with the Radio Shack Telescoping Antenna fully extended. I didn't notate everything in my cell phone notepad but I did take note of some.

31.81 EDACS Control Channel (didn't know trunked systems could be on low band)
35.48 151.4 PL Heard a Southern Accent on that one.
44.20 Meteor Scatter
49.54 031 DPL Open Carrier
32.46 EDACS Beeps (probably same system as 31.81)
35.56 either a Motorola Type II Control Channel or a Digital frequency
29.68 118.8 PL Amatuer Radio
34.50 Static
37.46 107.2 PL Southern Accent
42.40 173.8 PL I guess this was North Carolina Highway Patrol - talking something about incarcirations.
48.46 82.5 PL No idea on this one.
33.90 CSQ Fire / EMS Dispatch - heard a call go out for an Eagles? Road for a female having a medical emergancy - time given was in EDT (20:26).
42.12 94.8 PL Police

Also heard some more that I didn't take note of. I think I may have heard something from California on 39 something but I may have been dreaming (who knows, I forget if I was home or still out at that time). This park is definately a great spot to DX though. You can also see all the planes taking off (and at some times, landing) at PHL.

One more interesting thing, while going through my programmed frequencies, in the preprogrammed stuff, I managed to pick up the NASCAR Track Announcer from Dover Downs Motor Speedway in Dover, Delaware on 454.000 CSQ. I also picked this up at the park and it was crystal clear. That signal must have traveled up the Delaware Bay and River to reach my scanner. Not sure what race was taking place around 20:30 last night but that was interesting nonetheless.

Anyone have any IDs for what I picked up last night?


Dec 26, 2005
34.50 - military frequency
42.12 94.8 - I hear this one a lot in Richmond, VA when the band is open - Mississippi Highway Patrol
42.40 173.8 - MO Highway Patrol


Dec 31, 2005
I did a quick search through low band twice and caught a few:
47.660 - unid voice
39.900- dispatching to an accident on W. Main St.
47.770- TV audio
47.440- construction co.
Monitored from the metro Detroit area
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