Lower Oxford Township Chester County PA

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Jan 21, 2010
Chester County, Pennsylvania
By Union Fire Company No. 1 March 31, 2010 At 00:07 hours, 03/31/2010 the Union Fire Company #1 and the West Grove Fire Company, (Engine 12 and Tanker 22) were dispatched for a house fire at 112 Elkview Rd. in the Lincoln section of Lower Oxford Township. Initial report to Fireboard indicated that there was a fire involving a fryer on the back porch. While enroute Chief 21 was advised that it was a dryer on the back porch and that the porch was now involved and that the residence had been evacuated.

Chief 21, Deputy 21 and Assistant 21 all arrived at 00:17 to find a 2.5 story wood frame (balloon construction) single family dwelling with smoke showing in the rear of the dwelling. Chief 21 assumed Elkview Rd. Command and Deputy 21 assumed Operations. Upon checking the rear of the dwelling Deputy 21 advised that the rear enclosed porch was involved with possible fire extension into the walls. At 00:19 hours Command requested the Working Fire Dispatch. Engine 21-1 was instructed to lay a 5" supply line from the intersection of Elkdale and Elkview roads to the fire scene.

Engine 21-1 advanced a 1.75" handline in the front door and made an attack on the fire. Ladder 21 arrived and set up in the front of the dwelling and the crew positioned ground ladders on all 4 sides and proceeded with venting the windows. Engine 21-2 and Tanker 21 arrived and set up water supply operations at the intersection. Deputy 21 advised Command that it appeared the fire was in the walls and traveling into the second floor Engine 22 arrived and was instructed to advance a second handline into the second floor. Engine 12 arrived and was instructed to assist the interior crews with search and ventilation.

During the interior fire attack it was determined that the fire had traveled upwards in the walls and had involved the second floor and the attic. A third 1.75 handline was advanced into the attic and a crew was sent to the roof to open the roof. Crews worked to open walls and the roof to contain the fire in the rear section of the dwelling and at 01:20 hours the fire was placed under control. All units were clear of the scene at 03:00 hours.
Units: Eng21-1,Eng 21-2, Ladder 21, Tanker 21, Amb 21-2, Squad 21, Utility 21 Mutual Aid: Eng 22, Eng 12, Rescue 12, Ladder 22, Tanker 22, Rescue 27, LEng 511,CEng 18, CEng 28, LTanker 522, FM 101, Fm102.
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