DSDPlus LRRP Decoding on Trunked System


Jan 10, 2015
Spring, Texas
I suspect I know the answer to this one but I'll ask anyway.

I have setup DSDPlus to track a TIII (MOT) system. During my process fo finding the channels the system was using I found that LRRP data was being transmitted on one frequency. I never did see a channel number. I setup the DSDPlus.frequencies file as captured below. According to the RRDB for this system the frequency that carries the LRRP data is on a channel 372. All the other frequencies if doubled came out to the channel nos I saw being transmitted on those frequencies. Even though I have the DSDPlus.frequencies file setup to that, I never see the LRRP data in the Event Log window. The closest I come to it is a Private Data Call to src=31 seen in the lower right of the complex grab If you go to the Event Log window above that you see the LRRP data is sending to a tgt=31. IS this the same data? I don't see an entry in the CC Event Log window for everything entry in the Event Log window with the LRRP entries. As a side note, I had to setup a separate FMP24/DSDPlus specifically to target the LRRP data window to get that information. If the Private Data Call entry has nothing to do with the LRRP dta then I'm guessing this system doesn't mix the LRRP data in with the voice activity in the CC Event window. Which tells me I'm SOL. Is this a typical setup for systems that carry LRRP data to have it set so that a separate system would need to monitor the frequency for LRRP data? As you can see the LRRP map window is plotting points from this data it just doesn't get called in the main CC traffic. Or, is there a setting I need to use to get it mixed in? I set the Data Calls Priority to normal. It doesn't seem to have an effect. I have Googled this to death and have found no solution. I'm beginning to think that most sites either don't have it or if they do it the channel its on gets called but TX Bigfoot doesn't. Thanks for any info.

TXBigFoot CCActivity.PNGTXBigFoot_RRDB.PNGTXBigFoot_DSDPlusfrequencies Config.PNGLRRPTroubleshoot.PNG