LTR Systems in Utah

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Sep 17, 2004
Moab, Utah
In searching my logs from my last two trips around Utah I found many transmissions on trunked channels with no PL tone (in most cases). In looking these up I found they are part of trunked business systems, mostly LTR systems since they have no control channel. FCC licenses are transmitted on some of these frequencies in CW (sometimes the license does not include the frequency it's heard on, but another license for the same company does include it!). Would anyone care to try decoding some of these systems and submitting them to the DB?

Salt Lake City area
WPLU662 452.6500 UCS Repeater Service
WPRT434 452.7500 UCS Repeater Service
WPMY690 452.7375, 457.7375 Sun Communications
WPMT817 456.9625, 457.3375 Sun Communications
WPMS841 457.0125 Sun Communications
WPRJ928 463.8875 Sun Communications (311 DPL)
WPMM254 153.0650, 153.2300 Peak Wireless Services
WPNQ991 153.1550 Peak Wireless Services
WPMS662 153.3950 Peak Wireless Services
WPMM711 456.6750 Peak Wireless Services
WPPF414 461.0750, 464.0000 Peak Wireless Services
WPMP885 452.4500, 463.2750, 463.5500, 468.27500 Peak Wireless Services (CW on unlisted freq)
WPMM833 461.7250, 463.9500 Peak Wireless Services (CW on unlisted freq)
WPMN758 461.9000, 463.3250 Peak Wireless Services (CW on unlisted freq)
WPMK542 462.1250, 463.525 Peak Wireless Services (CW on unlisted freq)
WPNX589 463.4500 Peak Wireless Services (CW on unlisted freq)
WPJR603 463.8000 Peak Wireless Services
WPNR558 452.7625, 452.8625 Utah Communications
WPXP627 456.9375, McIntosh Communications
WPMW523 457.4375 McIntosh Communications
WPMU981 457.7000 McIntosh Communications
WQDP541 462.5000 McIntosh Communications
WQHA883 461.8625 J-Comm Corporation
WPQB734 464.7875 Chevron USA

Summit County
WQGM368 461.7625, 463.5625, 464.8375 Peak Wireless Services
WPRJ490 464.3750 Alpha Communications Sites

Northern Utah
WPQA943 464.4375 Alliance Services Inc.

Northeastern Utah
WQGT708 151.5350 Windriver Wireless
WQBB394 152.2850, 152.9450 Windriver Wireless
WQAZ274 151.7525, 151.9625, 152.9225 Windriver Wireless
WPMT613 464.2250 Systems Communications
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