Lucas County Database?

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Apr 1, 2009
I am trying to clean up the Lucas County Database so it's not as confusing for people who visit here.

Hoping someone can help me confirm before I submit:
All analog police repeaters have been taken out of service.
Some Fire still patch their digital talkgroup to their old analog repeater but don't use analog as their primary comms anymore
Analog EMS repeaters are still up for private EMS companies
Toledo Edison has moved to nextel
33.740? I am assuming this can be removed from the database?
Holland Fire doesn't even exsist anymore
I am not sure what public service frequencies are still in use.
is 460.400 and 154.190 still used for mutial aid?
Frequency Input License Type Tone Alpha Tag Description Mode Tag
851.46250 851.46250 WNYK324 M TA-1 Police/Fire Talkaround FM Interop
851.46250 806.46250 WNYK324 RM AP PD-FD Airport - Police & Fire FM Interop
851.48750 851.48750 WNYK324 M TA-2 Police/Fire Talkaround FM Interop
-are part of the digital system so im asuming can be deleted
I havent heard the analog private secuirty freq used in years.

Hoping someone can help out with this! time to get our county together! thanks
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