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Found in a new ARMER file today... Here is the planned groups. No talkgroup numbers yet of course, but the Group Name, Talkgroup Name, and Alias are all there.

1 Law Law Announcement Group LY All Law
2 Law Lyon County Law 1 LY Law 1
3 Law Lyon County Law 2 LY Law 2
4 Law Lyon County Law Encrypted 1 LY Law E1
5 Law Lyon County Sheriff (C/C) Admin LYS
6 Law Marshall Police Department MPD
7 Law Minneota Police Department OPD
8 Law Balaton Police Department BAPD
9 Law Tracy Police Department TPD
10 Law Cottonwood City COPD
11 Law Russell City Admin RPD
12 Public Works Highway Announcement Group LY ALL Hwy
13 Public Works Lyon County Highway Ops 1 LY Hwy 1
14 Public Works Marshall Public Works MPW
15 Public Works Marshall Public Works Ops 1 MPWO 1
16 Fire LY Fire Announce Group LY All Fire
17 Fire Balaton Fire BFD
18 Fire Cottonwood Fire CFD
19 Fire Garvin Fire GFD
20 Fire Ghent Fire GHFD
21 Fire Lynd Fire LYFD
22 Fire Marshall Fire MAFD
23 Fire Minneota Fire MOFD
24 Fire Russell Fire RFD
25 Fire Taunton Fire TAFD
26 Fire Tracy Fire TRFD
27 EMS LY Ambulance Announcement Group LY ALL AMB
28 EMS Marshall/Minneota (NORTH) Amb MMAM
29 EMS Tracy Ambulance TRAM
30 EMS Cottonwood Ambulance COAM
31 EMS Balaton Ambulance BAM
32 EMS Countywide First Responders CTFR
33 Law Lyon County Emergency Mgmt LYEM
34 Interop County TAC Announcement Group LY ALL TAC
35 Interop Lyon Co Tac 1 LY TAC1
36 Interop Lyon Co Tac 2 LY TAC2
37 Interop Lyon Co Tac 3 LY TAC3
38 Interop Lyon Co Tac 4 LY TAC4

Looks like they got a lot of talkgroups to keep track of planned! When the system comes online i will figure out the TGID's. Latest info still shows 1-2 years though.


Aug 3, 2005
Minneapolis Area
but also keep your eyes peeled to North EMS's "All State" and "Common" TG's. They also my choose to put in an AirCare Talkgroup as Air Care 1 is using ARMER to dispatch. I know one of the North memorial Trucks in Marshall has their digital radios (VHF and 800) and i think i heard their manager testing on the all state TG the other day.


Will keep an ear out for them.... Not much to listen to down here yet. The Russell site is RF only but sometimes i hear a blip of radio tech chatter. Marshall is marked as online but i haven't heard any traffic there the times we have been in Marshall. Listened all day when i was visiting family in Marshall for Easter, not one transmission all day.

The schedule is now showing Jan 11th 2011 for Lyon County to go on ARMER.
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