Macomb Sheriff

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Nov 9, 2006
Macomb, Michigan
Sheriff setting up perimeter along with Shelby Township Police.Near 25mile and Hayes and Clarion and 24mile area and Mulberry. Possible suspects from Chesterfield. Possibly Carrying a 38. Not sure this may be related to BP gas station that was robbed here in Chesterfield earlier. 2000 in cash was taken. A F150 was stolen earlier and is now back at where the suspects took it from. the owner of truck unfortunately got stolen because he always leaves his keys in the truck unlocked. This is the area of Macomb Township and Shelby Township.
Sounds like K-9 has a good track on perp or perps
Just listening now.

Sheriff still looking for perps. Searching Tulip Drive and VillaRosa off 24 Mile Area. Macomb Township.
Sounds like perps are back towards Clarion Drive a lot of screen doors open.

Still tracking. Following fresh tracks. Dog is getting tired. But still tracking.
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