Madison, WI - Grants awarded to local public safety agencies

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Jul 15, 2007
Does that break down of dollars at the bottom imply that Two Rivers (Fire, police or both) is going to be going WISCOM and not to the Manitowoc County 800Mhz TRS?

Rant/ And if that's the case it's another instance of how interoperability is such a sales term because it will go from one VHF radio being able to get on the state, county and city channels across the county (or town to town for all the Manitowoc county departments), to one VHF trunked radio and one 800Mhz trunked radio being required for each system, and no department can afford to put that into every squad car where as having an extra channel programed accordingly on the portables and mobiles was no big deal and if someone needed to get on to ask for help it was a piece of cake. /Rant
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