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Mar 29, 2004
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31 0004884425 WPHJ291 RAYTOWN, CITY OF 0002491223 Request for Extension of Time YE 09/22/2011 Pending
32 0004884437 WPOX697 RAYTOWN, CITY OF 0002491223 Request for Extension of Time GE 09/22/2011 Pending

September 20, 2011
Federal Communications Commission
Washington, DC 20554
RE: Raytown, Missouri

The city of Raytown, Missouri respectfully requests an extension on filing the construction notices associated with call sign​
To date, the city of Raytown has completed the retune of their subscriber units as well as the supporting infrastructure. The Mid-America Regional Council Emergency Rescue radio system (MARCER) utilizes the Raytown radio system as one of its core components. The subscriber units for the MARCER system also required Rebanding. Many of the units required replacement and were subject to manufacturer production delays. To date, the MARCER equipment has been received and the majority retuned. The city of Raytown awaits final confirmation of the retune of all equipment to allow enabling of the retuned channel.
Since the last filing, the city may have been too aggressive in its expectations for the MARCER radios reprogram. Due to the fact the radios are housed in ambulance vehicles, technical staff have had to work around the availability of these vehicles. There remain a small number of ambulances that require equipment replacement.
Accordingly; we request an extension through November 30, 2011, to allow additional time for any miscellaneous coordination.
Nikki Thomas
Public Safety Maintenance Supervisor
Mid-America Regional Council

600 Broadway, Suite 200, Kansas City, MO 64105


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Yes this is a re-banding issue, the east side of the KC Metro uses the Raytown 800 Mhz TRS for hospital to ambulance communications. (Hence the name MARCER). Some of the ambulances are still running MCS2000 radios, hence the need to ask for an extension of the re-banding coordination.

Once they all get replaced(re-banded) and reprogrammed and the MARRS- KCMO P25 TRS system gets fully operational they will switch to that system.

Don't know if this really requires a stikky though.

But it is good info just the same.

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