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May 2, 2003
Central Florida
Marion Co scanner group

Hi Jim,

I live in Seminole County, occasionally make it to Marion Co. I'm not aware of such a group, but there are some very active scanner hobbyists there. One of the most active on Radio Reference is Kevin Hoelldobler. If you look through the Florida forum here, you will see many posts from Kevin.
If there are enough scanner hobbyists in the area who are interested, you and they could arrange a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly meeting to share information, demonstrate various radios and software, etc.
There have been a couple of such scanner groups in the Orlando area. The longest-running is the Central Florida Listeners' Group. On Sunday night at 8pm, the CFLG has a ham radio net/discussion group on scanning and other aspects of the radio hobby. The net is on 147.12, I believe. I now work Sunday nights and can't monitor the net. If you can catch this signal, you should enjoy the net.
Also, the CFLG has an email list on Yahoogroups that you can join. Members post questions and information.
Hope this info is helpful


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Jan 26, 2008
now residing in Ocala, Florida since 1999
yes, there is an Ocala/Marion based scanner listeners group

Is there a scanner group in Ocala Florida area????????

greetings friend,

I have dedicated many years to the hobby. I am a true scanner enthusiast. It started many many years ago, before I became a fireman back in New York. I'm in Florida with my family for the past 11 years now, still dedicated to the hobby of monitoring the radio's. I have been a Premium Subscriber here on RadioReference for a few years now, and I help to keep the Ocala/Marion County database up to date. I reside in Ocala, and have started a few scanning groups.

First off, I have created the social group page on RR called Ocala-Marion County listeners group, and here is a link... The Forums - Ocala/Marion County Florida

I have also created a similar page on Yahoo, and here is a link....

... and if you own a RadioShack Pro-106 hand-held scanner, I hace created a RadioReference social group page for that as well.

Currently, there are no gatherings, or monthly meetings... we just share information thru our computers, but I would be more than happy to host a first annual BBQ for our local scanner friends friends this summer. Maybe a monthly meeting get together would be interesting... we can discus this further and anyone interested in starting a formal group/gathering should contact me with any ideas you might have. Happy Monitoring !!

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