Marion County Public Safety


Oct 3, 2004
Anyone have issues with signal when listening around Marion County? I continuously seem to lose signal in several places around the county including at my home. I've found a few sweet spots but for the most part when I'm home the scanner is useless. I live on the east side in Irvington and drive to and from the airport 5 days a week. If take 70 to the airport somewhere between Holt Road and Sam Jones my signal disappears and typically does not come back until I head back home. I have also taken 465 to the airport and it seems to be somewhere around 37 on the southside the signal is gone. My parents live farther east and between my house and their house the signal is very hit and miss and nearly obsolete when I'm there.

I have a Uniden 396xt and a 396. Same issues on both of them. My dad has 2 396's and his issues are identical.