Marion Cty auto accident heavy entrapment two DOA

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Jan 26, 2008
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7:30 pm Thursday evening... auto accident reported at State Road 40 about a 1/4 mile west of 19 / reported heavy entrapment. Vehicle also smoking w/ fire. Dispatch has reported PEDS trapped.... outcome 2 pediatric trauma alerts, 1 pediatric alert, 1 adult trauma alert, and 2 signal 7 (DOA)

Rescue 15 arrived, then Engine 15 arrived to assume command... Lake County Med 101 and Lake Med 121 arriving at scene from Lake County, Lake-Sumter ambulance alerted to respond, and now District 2 has arrived on scene to assume command... 2 helicopters are called from Shands, and dispatched to respond to the scene... 2 LZ's are being prepared to airlift trauma alert patients.

7:40 pm Additional SO support requested to rerspond for traffic control. Battalion 1 is enroute at this time.

wildcat boat ramp on Highway 40 is being preped as a landing zone thru the MC Sheriff's Office. Accident was close to Lake County line, therefor the Lake Cty units were also dispatched for support and to stand-by to monitor the LZ. Engine 1 to assume LZ command.

7:50 pm Rescue 15 requests eta on first arriving Helo... and requests info if they can transport the two Pediatric trauma patients.

7:58 Batt 1 reports that the 2 entrapped patients were the 2 signal 7's (they were possibly adults)

8:00 pm aero-med has an 8 minute eta, and reports that they can only handle 1 ped trauma patient at a time, and a 3rd Helo may be required.

Enroute are Aero-Med 3 and Shands and the two Helo's are on the Helo channel... air-care (the 3rd Helo) was cancelled at 8:15 pm. Marion County HELO Med-Com operating on Marion trunked freq on TGID 1210 MCFR working the scene are on TGID 1105 (MC fire scene 2)

8:27 pm ENROUTE TO SHANDS one of the transporting ambulances Rescue 28 (carrying a peds trauma alert patient from the scene) is reporting the radiator is completely overheating, and they will not be able to continue to Shands with thier patient... an alternate ambulance will meet up with the down rig and transfer the patient near Nubby's corner, not too far from the accident scene, and continue the PED TRAUMA ALERT transport to the hospital.

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