Marshfield Fair

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Jul 23, 2008
Eastern Massachusetts
Hi Teammates,

Here is my initial field trial using Close Call on the Uniden BC246T. I set the radio on 'Close Call Auto Log' and walked about the Fair with the radio in my satchel. This is the result.

Location: Marshfield Fair, Marshfield, MA
Date: Thursday 21 August 2008 between 17:00 and 20:00 edt

33.9200 MHz Marshfield Fire Dept. (headquarters is across the street from the Fair)
147.8250 MHz 67.0 Hz Input to the WA1NPO 2 meter repeater, Whitman Radio Club fair table
151.6250 MHz 123.0 Hz Business band. Nothing licensed nearby.
155.2200 MHz Numerous ambulances and hospitals licensed hereabouts.
458.4375 MHz Town of Marshfield (license shows PW, unknown department.)
462.5750 MHz GMRS repeater output
462.5625 MHz Family Radio Service Ch.1
462.6125 MHz Family Radio Service Ch.3
468.7875 MHz DCS 503 Fair Operations
482.3125 MHz 203.5 Hz Town of Whitman Police
482.4000 MHz Town of Westborough. I don't think it was them.
482.4125 MHz 203.5 Hz Town of Duxbury Police
902.6250 MHz Nothing came up on my license search. Here's the allocation data I found for this one...from

902 - 928 MHz
United States Navy radars and other government operations - primary
Industrial, Scientific and Medical [Part 18]
Location and Monitoring Service ("LMS"). [Part 90 Subpart M]
A: 902.000 - 904.000 Non-Multilateration

Note: The only channel I spent any time listening to was the Fair Operations. The radio spent the night in my satchel. I only took it out a couple of times to check it was operating. 'Sorry I can't confirm what I heard on the other freeks.

Note: It's interesting I didn't catch any of the Town of Marshfield LTR freeks. Either it's not in use or the repeaters are over the hill elsewhere in town. Heard no inputs or outputs.

Note: Close Call seems to be much more sensitive than I thought...example the Whitman Police channel. Maybe the repeater is nearby.

Note: I had a stock radio shack rubber duck on the radio. I attached the longest one I could find.

I hope you enjoyed reading my report. I had a good time and learned a bit more about my radio in the process.


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Oct 24, 2006
Marshfield, MA
Marshfields LTR is most the fire dept

sometime dpw

Theres a 900mhz ?? Ham repeater on the watd tower this just came on

tac-9 put in a repeater on the same tower also marshfield ltr is on watd radio tower

to bad you weren't there saturdays or mon wed when watd was on the air from the fair.
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