maybe a new frec for Kentucky division of forestry fire detection and seppression

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Jan 24, 2008
Hazard Kentucky
Hello all I was listening to the trafic on the Kentucky River division of forestry system which serves Perry and surrounding countys and came across a frec that the air craft uses to guide the units on foot or by other means to a forest fire and I was wundering if this frec was in use any waire other than here?
The frec is 151.40250 because the same person that was talking on the system was the same I came across on the frec gave earlyer the person being the air craft as far as information goes the folks on the foristry system did not tell there units that were going to the fire to switch to a tac channel or anything so I am going with the noation this is a pree programmed frec I thought I wood poast this here encase some other forestry divisions are making use of this frec any help any one can give wood be a grate help
I was not able to get an air craft number or any other id because the back ground noize of the moaders kept the person covered up I wunder how the folks that are at the other end were able to make out anything
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