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McLean and Champaign County Fair frequencies

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Dec 22, 2004
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McLean and Champaign County Fair frequencies

Scanning at the McLean County Fair:

Bloomington PD 'Proactive' units used ch2 453.925 (127.3) for the fair detail. 453.925 is the most commonly used channel by BPD during parades, festivals, and events at the new US Cellular Coliseum. You can also hear the 453.925 repeater simulcast on Starcom21 TG 30375.

McLean County EMA was using Starcom21 TG 30364 at the fair.

I wasn't close enough to hear if there are any simplex or repeater freqs used by fair staff. Try monitoring the frequencies listed in the database under the heading 'Interstate Convention Center'.

Scanning at the Champaign County Fair:

Champaign County Sheriff's Dept provides police protection. They use ch5 453.250 (118.8) repeater. If they need to contact METCAD, they will switch to ch1 453.150 (118.8). 453.250 is used by any police department in Champaign County for event details such as U of I sporting events, parades, etc.

Staff at the fair used FRS frequencies.

The fairgrounds is unicorporated, so monitor the following for fire department activity:
154.250 (131.8) County Rural Fire
153.830 (CSQ) MABAS Fireground red
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