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MCS-2000 Model II

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Apr 4, 2014
I am brand new to radios, I bought a used mcs2000. I power it up and it turns on but nothing is displayed except a little speaker icon in the top left of the lcd screen. It does not make any sound like people talking, the only sounds are turning the control knob on the right. I found a manual and tried to go through and do what it says but when I get to the menu the only options are zone select and tones. Even if I try to select zone select it doesn't do anything. So basically the only button that functions is the one that dims the lcd and the menu but like I said the menu only give you two options when there should be way more. Is the radio broke, Is it programmed in a way such that you cant use it like one would think. I bought it because I had been looking at the radio world for awhile and it sounded interesting. All I'm aiming for with this is to listen but I'm at a loss. I do not have any software or codes that would come with a new one. I think they just ripped it out of a cop car, threw it in a box and shipped it to me. Any help/suggestions would be very appreciated.



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Jul 27, 2005
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The radio requires programming.

Sounds a lot like it's either been wiped, or was just programmed this way. It is not unheard of to take a radio out of service and remove the programming. Often, it's replaced with something where the purchaser can't accidentally use it and cause interference to other users. I surplussed a bunch of old radios off my radio system and I specifically reprogrammed them with a receive only channel and nothing else. That way someone who purchased one could not accidentally interfere with our system.

The radio will need to be programmed with what you want in it. This is not impossible to do on your own, but it requires some specific software, hardware and knowledge. Since you are new to radios, you probably should get some help doing this.

If you are just looking for a radio to listen to local PD/Fire traffic, you might do better with just a scanner.
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