MD-2017 DOA


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Jul 11, 2002
I have an issue with my TYT MD-2017 that does not seem to be covered by any other post I've researched in the forums.
Yesterday I locked the trackball. I later carried a Scanner and the Radio together in one hand and think that I pressed
on too many buttons at the same time. This is the only thing I can think of is somehow I locked something up.
Now my radio will turn on but I have no boot up screen or sequence. I have a blank screen and no response from the
keyboard. I reset the battery and reflashed the firmware. The only way I know the radio is even on is that I can place
it in firmware update mode. Good thing I just bought a new backup radio also a TYT. (UV-380)

Anyone else have this Issue? I think my radio is toast. I year and 3 months. Is that how long they are
preprogrammed to last?