MDOT Law Enforcement Regions & Districts


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Oct 4, 2004
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A continuation of this closed thread...

Once again, I find myself confused (as if that isn't preputial).

Since the Mississippi Highway Patrol determined that citizens and travelers are not to be trusted to know of roadway hazards as they occur and/or be extra eyes for criminal activity or reckless drivers, we must rely on secondary methods. Fire and rescue frequencies are good, but a bit too busy with non motoring traffic calls. Thus, they are in a secondary scanner bank.

In an effort to gain knowledge of real time traveling conditions, I am retooling scanner travel banks. The less to monitor, the better. Yes, I know all the mapping apps and agency social media sites provide what passes for real time information over the world wide mess. To thwart that, most states now say a driver can't look, handle, or otherwise relate to a mobile device while a vehicle is in motion without the threat of a ticket. (Anyone see a revenue generating conspiracy in all this?; just joking...let's stay focused.) Also, all the in dash gee whiz technology is not currently available in my vehicles. I have a tablet and phone apps running but not the ability to consult them or make sure they are connected to the www on a regular basis.

Perhaps listening to MDOT Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement might fill a void? Which brings me to the aforementioned thread.

"Statewide" is obvious. But, specifically, geographically speaking, on a Mississippi State Map, where are these?...

Region 1
Region 2
Region 3

I'm assuming that being only three, regions are North, Central & South, numbering north to south. Easy enough, program them all for statewide traveling.

Now, where things fuzz up on me. (We all know how painful that can be.)

District B
District G
District H
District M
District N
District T
District Y

I'm not interested in what other MS state agency(ies) these equate to. Where does MDOT LE say they are? Someone tagged them as such in RR, someone must know. Unless the information was arbitrarily copied from state sources. If so, where online, or otherwise, are these sources? Inquiring mind(s) want to know.

Of course, MDOT's easily determined district maintenance channels will be included in a primary bank along with some MS EMA channels.
I think they are all dispatched from Jackson


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Dec 19, 2002
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Since DPS is creating a new Division for Commercial Vehicle Enforcement, I suspect no immediate change in established communications. Unless, of course, the big "E" is implemented consistent with DPS policies.

From MS DPS FaceBook page, today, May 3, 2021:

The Mississippi Department of Public Safety and the Mississippi Department of Transportation Announce Transition Team

Today Commissioner Sean Tindell announced the formation of the team that will facilitate the transition of law enforcement responsibilities from the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) to the Mississippi Department of Public Safety (DPS). The team will consist of executive staff members from both agencies, including:

• Sean Tindell, Commissioner of the Mississippi Department of Public Safety
• Jeffrey Altman, Acting Executive Director of the Mississippi Department of Transportation
• Colonel Randy Ginn, Director of the Mississippi Highway Patrol
• Chief Willie Huff, Mississippi Department of Transportation Office of Enforcement Director

The passage of Senate Bill 2825 moves law enforcement presently under the Mississippi Department of Transportation to the Mississippi Department of Public Safety. Effective July 1st, the Mississippi Department of Public Safety will assume the Mississippi Department of Transportation’s $16 million law enforcement budget and 234 full-time employees. In addition, the Mississippi Department of Public Safety will create a new commercial trucking enforcement division.

“I feel confident that the representatives from both agencies will work together to ensure a seamless transfer of law enforcement responsibilities from MDOT to DPS,” said Commissioner Sean Tindell. “Ultimately, the transition will allow us to more effectively serve the residents of the state as we strive to create a safer Mississippi.”

“MDOT will work with DPS to make the transition as smooth as possible,” said Jeffrey Altman, Acting Executive Director of the Mississippi Department of Transportation. “Our departments both have the same goal: ensuring the safety of the people of Mississippi. When our agencies work together, it benefits everyone. We look forward to further strengthening our relationship with DPS in the years ahead.”


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And in a year radios will get changes. It took slow ass MS what, two years to transition MHP to TDMA? Course now all MHP, and MDOT radios have to get touched yet again. TG re zoning, renaming, and most likely encryption added. So maybe by late 2022?