Meaning of an OPP code

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still trying to figure this all out
Sep 12, 2007
campbellford ontario canada
Criminal Name Index Caution Flags:

FLAG ALFA Subject Believed Armed
FLAG CHARLIE Subject Believed To Have Contagious Disease
FLAG ECHO Subject Believed Escapee
FLAG FOXTROT Subject Believed To Have Had Previous Family Violence
FLAG MIKE Subject Believed Mentally Ill
FLAG SIERRA Subject Believed Suicidal
FLAG VICTOR Subject Believed Violent

Criminal Name Index and Related Codes

Offence CNI Code

Violence 302-345
Robbery 356-360
Offensive Weapon 493-499
Break & Enter 371-375
Theft-Vehicle 386-392
Theft 403-426
Drugs 538-561 (Also CDSA - Controlled Drugs & Substances Act)
Fraud 448-452
Sex 346
Other Criminal Code 536
Other Federal Statutes 574
Failing To Attend 512
Arson 510
Driving 700

Common Codes:
253 - Possible Drunk Driver


still trying to figure this all out
Sep 12, 2007
campbellford ontario canada
ANI/ALI Auto Number Indicator/Auto Location Indicator
B&E Break and Enter
CDSA Controlled Drugs & Substances Act
CIB Criminal Investigation Bureau
CNI Criminal Name Index
CPIC Canadian Police Information Centre
CRC Collision Reporting Centre
DL Drivers License
DOA Dead on Arrival
DOB Date of Birth
EDP Emotionally disturbed person
EMS Emergency Medical Service
ERT The Emergency Response Team
ETA Estimated time of arrival
FAC Firearms Acquisition Certificate
GOA Gone on arrival
HB Highway Breath
HBD Has been drinking
HTA Highway Traffic Act
HQ Headquarters
IDENT Forensic Identification Unit
K9 Canine Unit
Marker License plate
MHA Mental Health Act
MVA Motor Vehicle Accident
MVC Motor Vehicle Collision
MWS Mobile Work Station
NCIC National Crime Information Centre
OMPPAC Ontario Municipal and Provincial Police Automation Co-operative
PD Property Damage
PDS Police Dog Services
PI Personal Injury
R.A.C.T.Rural Agricultural Crime Team
RO Registered Owner
RMS Records Management System
S.A.V.E.Snowmobile, ATV, Vessel Enforcement Team
SIU Special Investigations Unit
SOCO Scene of Crime Officer
U.S.R.U.Underwater Search and Recovery Unit
TAC Tactical Operations - TAC Ch. or TAC Talkgroup
TSV Traffic Services
T.R.U. Tactics and Rescue Unit
T.T.C.I.Technical Traffic Collision Investigator
VSA Vital Signs Absent
YB Youth Bureau
YO Young
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