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Memphis Center(KZME)

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Jan 29, 2001
Warren Co, KY
For some time there has been a new pair of frequencies for Memphis Center (KZME), 122.275 and 354.150. By doing some monitoring I have concluded that these are high/FL240-349) altitude frequencies and may have possibly replaced or added to the 132.375/257.600 pair for the Walnut Ridge RCAG. These frequencies may have been added on top of the others as well, may be due to restructuring/reallignment of the sectors. Another piece of the puzzle is that these new frequencies are being utilized for the exit point of AR111(AP1B). This new frequency pair still has not shown up on the IFR Supplement for the last several publication cycles. The area these frequencies seem to ocupy is around the northwestern ZME boundary.

Any ideas and help on this appreciated. This goes along with a boatload of new(still unpublished frequencies for Indy Center (ZID).

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