Menlo Park Mall-Now using DMR XPR-7550e's

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Mar 5, 2007
The Menlo Park Mall in Edison, NJ has recently abandoned their old VHF repeater frequencies listed in the Current RR Data Base and are now using XPR-7550e UHF radios.

I did some digging around and they have been granted 3 new frequency repeater pairs and one simplex frequency. I was told by an employee that they have Security, Maintenance and Operations in the units as well as a all mall T/A channel.

If possible if someone is in the area is close by and has the equipment to decode the following and post it in this thread or a new one. It would be gladly appreciated not only for myself , but for the rest of those interested in this type of business listening.

What we need: Timeslot, Group Code (also called "call ID") and Color Code.

The following frequencies have been obtained:

451.675 rcv
456.675 tx

462.475 rcv
467.475 tx

464.4375 rcv
469.4375 tx

The single listed frequency with no repeater pair is 468.5875. The FCC approved and granted the change 7K60FXE to DMR transmissions on 04/04/2017 and the call sign is WNZN-598.

Any help would be appreciated, PM's are welcome. Thanks in advance.
Not open for further replies.