METRO 2-007 Simulcast on MOSWIN

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IL / MO Database Admin
Database Admin
Mar 29, 2004
Glen Carbon, IL (MetroEast-St Louis)
Found Friday (in Collinsville) and by another user in St L near Ballas Rd.

I got 853.4875 voice 2-007 N1C7 851.275 cc

1CE 2 (2) 007 (7) METRO Simulcast North St. Louis 851.275c 852.2375 852.8375a 853.0375a 853.4875a 853.8875

From RR submission:

I found a new 1CE site with the call of WQNA973.

It is a neighbor site to the St. Louis City sites.
Site number is showing as site 207 and has a current CC of 851.2750.

The listed frequencies are:
851.2750 CC
852.2375 ID Channel
852.8375 Alternate CC
853.0375 Alternate CC
853.4875 Alternate CC + Voice
853.8875 Voice + Data

It appears to be licensed to Metro and is carrying METRO voice traffic.

It has 5 locations using 6 frequencies.
The one near me is on Ballas Road and another just east in Creve Coeur on Olive.

Appears simulcast. City PD talkgroups show up as denied in Pro96com so far.

I would guess this site would go under the Moswin system which also uses a SYSID of 1CE.

The location I'm receiving from on Ballas road is also a Metro bus station but no rail service.
That is located at the intersection of Interstate 64 and 270 in the northeast corner.

I did not lookup the other listed locations but they are listed under the call above at the FCC site.
Excellent copy here but I can darn near see the antenna tower from my home QTH.
Again, it appears to only carry METRO traffic at this time but does show the cities North site 201 as a neighbor as well as sites 202 and 206 which are Lambert Airport and the Metro site in St Clair County in Illinois.
It is not showing up as a neighbor to any of the local VHF Moswin sites.

And like all the 1CE Moswin sites, it is spewing out a constant stream of empty Station ID packets with no actual Station ID broadcast on the primary CC.
It does broadcast the WQNA973 call on the actual ID channel however.
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