Metro Emergency Communications (Provo/Orem) to Get Automated Dispatching


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Oct 7, 2007
Utah County, Utah
If you live in Provo/Orem area and monitor fire/EMS, you might want to note this:
Automated dispatch assistance coming to Provo-Orem emergency communications center

Dispatchers no longer need to monitor two radio channels at once because the system will automatically populate with the recommended units to meet our targeted five-minute response time, depending on location and availability.
I wonder if that means they will finally consolidate their channels? Both agencies respond with each other so much it would make sense to have everybody on one set. Maybe that will come with P25.

In-service time stated to be by the end of September. It's about time, too - both VECC in Salt Lake county and Central Utah 911 have been using "Samantha" for a while now. Now to just convince Springville/Mapleton to either merge with Metro or Central so they can take advantage too... :unsure: