MH-255 vs. HT-55

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Feb 19, 2008
Grady Co. Oklahoma
I just recieved my new MH-255 antenna yesterday for my Yaesu FT-60R radio and I am not quite so sure I like it. And the reason I say that is it does OK for the public safety bands I listen to, but doent do well at all with the 800mhz bands I also listen to. The HT-55 seems to do so much better on the 800mhz and maybe a little bit better on the public safety bands. I love the look of the MH-255 but not sure looks are gonna cut it on this one. What is the real difference between the MH-255 and the MH-209?

Quick question: I had a modification done to my radio to ramp up the transmit frequieces, so do I HAVE to have an aftermarket antenna? Or will my factory one work? ( I have a phone call into Yaesu but I havent recieved a call back. )

Reason I ask is cause where my wife got the radio from said I HAVE to have an aftermarket antenna or I will burn the radio up. Plz enlighten me on this subject matter.
Not open for further replies.