Michael Furdock v. RadioReference.com LLC - Subscription renewal reminder results in class action lawsuit


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Dec 9, 2000
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Given that "The General" greenlighted a freaking class action lawsuit and called us a debt collector for telling someone their subscription was about to expire pretty much tells me all I need to know. The fact that these two got together, as two licensed attorneys, and felt this was ready to go tells me all I need to know.

Think about it for a second. "The General" actually submitted this lawsuit to the court and signed his name on it.


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That YouTube video was pretty cheesy. Embarrassing to think they thought that was going to be effective in drumming up business, I can only imagine the clients who would respond.

Again, "Better Call Saul" crowd😄


Mar 12, 2014
He never participated here as a "member" - he was simply a customer. Why he chose to wait a year and half and just file a class action lawsuit against us for sending him an email letting him know his subscription was about to expire boggles the mind.
Perhaps this isn't his first or only venture into bringing frivolous lawsuits against companies who e-mail billing information to customers. I've encountered similar lawyers/law firms who exploit poorly written laws to bring ridiculous lawsuits. Heck, I think some legislators (funny how so many of them are lawyers) work to get such laws enacted for the sole purpose of attacking certain groups that they don't like.


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Thank you for the laugh. I will be renewing my subscription again to support the site. (y)
That is a great idea and I just did the same with a 1yr subscription. I don’t really need any of the premium features, I just want to help build up the legal fund against these jerks.


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Jul 7, 2010
Let me introduce you to Michael J. Furdock Esq. - a lawyer from St Petersburg, Florida

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Michael Furdock is a recently minted Florida bar admitted lawyer with his recently launched law firm Furdock Law. He's previously had careers as a private fitness instructor, an aspiring sports agent, a lifestyle concierge for "VIP clients" in Miami Beach, and a specialist in Employee Retention Credits (ERCs) which is a pandemic era payroll program. All that is really missing from this lineup is a solar panel door-to-door salesman and cutco knives distributor to kind of tie it all together.



Michael was customer of RadioReference.com and a premium subscriber. Thank you for your trust in us, Michael! Michael received an email from us back in December of 2022 when his premium subscription was about to expire that notified him that, well, his subscription was about to expire. Most normal people when they receive this email say to themselves "Oh look, I should renew this subscription" or they say "Nah, I don't need to renew my subscription." Not Michael, he instead sat on that email for a year and a half, and then filed a Class Action Lawsuit against RadioReference alleging violation of the Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act (“FCCPA”) for contacting him outside of the hours of 9PM and 8AM attempting to collect a debt. I'm not making this up. He alleged that we were debt collectors. 🤨

Read for yourself:

We're not quite sure the motivations for pursuing such a legal strategy, especially given he is a lawyer himself, but if you check out the law firm he hired to file this suit it might become clearer (The Law Offices of Jibrael S. Hindi). Here is a promotional youtube video from this storied law firm he hired. You can't make this sh*t up.

Anyway, in response to the lawsuit, we filed a Section 57.105, Florida Statutes, for an award of attorneys’ fees as sanctions against Plaintiff Michael Furdock , and his counsel Gerald D. Lane, Jibrael S. Hindi, Jennifer G. Simil, Zane C. Hedaya, and the Law Offices of Jibrael S. Hindi, PLLC, for filing frivolous claims against RadioReference.com.

My favorite part of our section 57.105 filing is this:

Michael Furdock and Jibrael S. Hindi's law firm folded like a cheap suit after that:

This is not an April fools joke. This actually happened. I actually had to spend in excess of $20,000 to go through this.

Sorry Michael, even though you're sporting a double-breasted suit, you're no Harvey Spector.
Wow what a frikken TOOL this guy is. Bet he’s a great bottom-feeder, I mean Attorney, tho! 🤷‍♂️


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Feb 5, 2003
We're not going to be able to. We're out $20,000 plus dollars because of this knucklehead.

Florida grants him 21 days to dismiss the lawsuit, which he did. As long as he dismissed the lawsuit in the safe harbor timeframe the whole thing is over.

There were no laws of common sense here.

The only good thing here is that he didn't get a freaking dime of our money. So he'll have to go shake down another company to get the new Rolex he presumably wants so he can look like a baller.
Is there any basis for counter-suit over your incurred fees? Your lawyer sure got a payday. It's obscene how someone with a pen can just slap a multi-thousand dollar obligation on anyone they choose, frivolous or otherwise.

Also is anything said here open up liability for slander? Many know a certain NC radio dealer that's sue-happy when people say things he doesn't like. Some may have seen his face on stickers in the urinals at Dayton the year before last. I have no particular knowledge or responsibility in that act, I merely observed the results as many attendees did. Sure made a nice target to direct your stream!


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well, if all of us call and ask if they send bills to customers, does that make YOU a collection service ?
after a couple of thousand call, he might figure it out..
i am not saying to do that, it is just a question. ;)