Micro Connectors USB to Serial Adapter Win7x64 (Experience)

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Dec 12, 2009
Guess this is as good a place as any to post my experience with this adapter :)

Status: It's all working.
Adapter: Micro Connectors, Inc USB Serial Adapter (purchased from Frys). E07-160
OS: Win7 x64
Scanner: BCD396XT
Scanner Software: FreeSCAN 2.10

Needed to install the driver that came with the adapter. Disc is labled "E07-161 USB Serial Adapter". There's no Autorun so you need to explore the CD with Explorer.

On the disc is a "All-Windows-WHQL-Driver" directory, and in there is "PL2303_Prolific_DriverInstaller_v1210.exe", which appears to be the same as the latest available from www.microconnectors.com.

Running the installer was quick and plugging in the Adapter (Scanner not connected), Windows found it and added it as a new port "Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port(COM3)" as viewed in Device Manager. No reboot necessary.

I made sure the scanner was set to 115200 BPS and then set the COM3 Speed to match 115200 (by default, it was 9600).

After installing FreeSCAN and with the scanner connected, I clicked the "Download from Scanner" button, and made sure the port and speed matched (COM3/115200).

First attempt, I got an error when I clicked "Start Download". So I went back, made sure all COM settings were good. Second attempt also failed. I closed FreeSCAN, re-opened, this time used the "Autodetection" feature in the "COM Port Settings" dialog which found the scanner, and next attempt at succeeded. Possibly some pilot error here.

Upload/Download works as well as using the "Control Scanner" and logging.

[Bottom Line]
Other than the minor issue with FreeSCAN (maybe my fault), adapter works great. I know there's cheaper out there, but this is what I got and this was my experience :)


Sep 2, 2012
Thanks for this review/guide. Earlier I had a lot of problems with two different usb serial cables I bought from ebay; so since you started this thread I thought I would mention my experience too. Maybe we can make a whole list of adapters here :)

Status: All working.
Adapter: US Converters LLC, USB Serial Adapter model XS880 (from US Converters - USB Serial Adapters).
OS: Win7 x64
Scanner: BC95XLTB
Scanner Software: FreeSCAN

1. Install the latest drivers from the manufacturers website. A CD is included with the adapter but they were not the latest version drivers.

The drivers/chip are FTDI based which supposedly should be a good quality according what I had read on other websites.

2. Run the AutoInstaller and the drivers will be installed automatically.

3. Plug-in the usb to serial adapter and Windows will create the COM port which shows up in Windows device manager.

4. Match the scanner software to the create COM port number. The COM port number depends on which number is assigned by Windows.

Use the "Autodetection" feature in FreeScan and it will find the COM port/adapter.

5. Up/download, Control Scanner and loggin tested and works.

[Bottom Line]
In my experience this adapter works perfectly fine. I can definately recommend spending a little extra money on an adapter like this and stay away from the ones from ebay.


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Jun 16, 2012
Los Angeles
Thought I'd follow up with this thread on me experience with the Micro Connectors, Inc USB Serial Adapter (purchased from Frys) (E07-160). I successfully got it working on a laptop running Windows 8 64 bit. I installed the drivers from the enclosed CD (v3.4.31.231 4/2/12 and it worked fine. I updated to v3.4.48.272 2/5/13 and this newer version also works fine. The Prolific "PL2303 Check Chip Version" utility indicated the chip was a PL-2303 "TA".

This was done due to the lack of functionality of the Uniden USB-1 with Windows 8 even after trying the various "workarounds" as suggested.
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