Midwest Mobile RS / Commenco Passport in KC Area

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Database Admin
Nov 8, 2002
Boston, Ma

I recently visited Kansas City and found two big and busy Passport systems, KC Wireless and Midwest Mobile Radio Service.
http://www.mw-radio.com/Passport/UHF Map2.pdf

I have submitted the KC Wireless information as it was not in the database. However the Midwest Mobile Radio Service has four entries for the same system. Each entry covers part of the whole system.

I used LTRDump so I was able to get the site id numbers and frequencies in use at each site I monitored.

The Commenco sites are part of the Midwest Mobile Radio Service and forms the core of the Kansas City Coverage. I noticed talkgroups appearing from both Commenco sites and Midwest Mobile Radio Service on the sites. Also the neighbor info for several sites has entries for both licensees so I consider it one system. The Commenco coverage map looks similar to the Midwest Mobile Radio Service one. Likely a joint venture or one group owns the other.

Looking over the database entries it appears that submitters included every frequency at a site. This is not always valid as some frequencies may be used for a Regular LTR system or even conventional. The Passport controllers can handle Passport, Regular LTR and conventional at the same site. Non-Home frequencies can be shared between Passport and Regular LTR. The one or two second burst heard might not be Passport or may actually be from a different site or system so without a decoder the determination of frequencies or location of a site can be suspect.

Unfortunely my time in KC was short and I did not get much time to scope out more sites. I propose that the database entries be merged into one system. I merged my information and consolidated the other database entries into a text file for submission. Sites 202 and above are the consolidated and edited entries.

73 Eric


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