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Feb 1, 2006
1. Raptor News---The 90th FS at Elmendorf AK is scheduled to receive F-22s
in Jan 2008. The first two aircraft of that production line will be deployed to
Langley AFB VA and will be flown by 90th FS pilots under a program called
"Ready Elmendorf". Thus the 90th FS will be fully qualified on the F-22 when
they arrive in Elmendorf. Elmendorf will be home to 36 Raptors operated by the
90th FS and the 525th FS. Also, PACAF announced that the ANG 199th FS at
Hickam AB HI will be equipped with Raptors.

2. The AFRC closed out C-141 operations when the 356th AS was deactivated at
Wright Patterson. The squadron may be reactivated at Kelly AFB TX as a C-5

3. On 15 Aug the 8th SOS relocated from Duke Field Air Station to Hulburt
Field in preparation for its transition to the CV-22B Osprey. Ospreys are
schduled to arrive at Hurlburt in November.

4. The 23rd FG was reassigned from the 4th FW at Seymour Johnson to the
347th Rescue Wing (RQW) at Moody AFB GA on Aug 18. The 23rd FG is scheduled to
begin it migration to Moody in June 2007.

5. The USAF announced that the 440th ALW at Gen. Mitchell ARS in Milwaukee
WI will relocate to Pope AFB NC. Mitchell ARS is scheduled to close down by Feb

6. The Louisiana ANG 159th FW, 122nd FS will receive the first of 18 F-15Cs
to replaced their F-15s which will be retired.

7. VS-41 "Shamrocks" were deactivated at NAS North Island on July 27.

8. VF-31, VF-32 & VF-213 were formally redesignated as strike fighter sqdns
(VFA) on 1 Aug.

9. HMM-266 was stood down pn Jun 16 at MCAS New River NC. This marked the
end of CH-46 operations in preparation for the transition to the MV-22B. HMM-266
will spend 6 months training with VMT-204 before standing up aa VMM-266, the
3rd operational Osprey sqdn.

10. EADS recently delivered the first of 10 EC-120 helos to the DHS CBP
Office of Air & Marine at Columbus MS. DHS has ordered a total of 15 EC-120s
whihc are being delivered at the rate of one per month.

11. CBP Air & Marine leased hanger space at the Great Falls International
Airport, MT. The Great Falls Air Branch, the 3rd of 5 units along the northern
border will operate two UH-60s and two Cessna Citations. The air branch was
scheduled to begin ops in September.

12. CGAS Houston, at Ellington TX and CGAS Port Angeles WA have trantioned
to the HH-65Cs. The newest version of the HH-65 is now at nine CGAS's and about
half the fleet has been recongfigured to the HH-65C.
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