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Apr 19, 2005
info from various 2019 Annual Town Reports

Shelburne - pay $1700 to Gorham for dispatch service - pay $1200 to Gorham for repeater replacement fund - (Town DPW has at least 1 good sized new plow truck)

Woodstock - no dispatchers listed with police staff - no info on dispatch arrangements except that Communications is listed under the Public Safety budget - (less than 60K per year - they must contract out to someone)

Piermont - FD "switched back" to Hanover Dispatch - for better radio clarity

Jefferson - 24 people on FD - 3 people on EMS - FD dispatched by NH DOT District 1 in Lancaster - EMS dispatched by Weeks Hospital

Stratford - for State Police - dial 846-3333, 911, or 788-3282 (Lancaster Dispatch) - [ Stratford Hollow FD serves the Town of Stratford - they have 2 stations - both are owned by the Town of Stratford] - [http://firenews.org/nh/s/stratford/StratfordHollowNHL1Seag40.jpg - 40L1]

Lancaster - seeking $45,000 for FD radios

State Forestry - have 16 lookout towers on high fire danger days - also use Civil Air Patrol plane sometimes - towns are reimbursed 50% of the cost of training forest fire wardens and fighting forest fires

Groveton Fire Department (FD) is in the Town of Northumberland - it is listed under the "Groveton Precinct" on the Town website - not sure what that is all about - the Precinct has 3 (?elected?) commissioners - [Groveton Ambulance is a department of the Town of Northumberland - they have a fulltime paid director and a fulltime paid assistant director - plus 30 volunteers - they serve Northumberland, Stratford, and Stark in NH, plus the Towns of Maidstone, Bloomfield, and Brunswick in Vermont) - [Groveton is apparently FD 32 - http://firenews.org/nh/g/groveton/GrovetonNHE25.jpg ]
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Apr 17, 2005
Central NH
I'll clarify a few points. Groveton provides EMS service via 155.235 by Weeks Medical Center in Lancaster, New Hampshire to Maidstone, Vermont. Stratford provides fire protection via 154.445 by the NH DOT Division 1 office in Lancaster to Maidstone. Jefferson EMS is more of a FAST squad. I think Woodstock is dispatched by Grafton County sheriff's department as is Lincoln. I listen tomorrow. That said, NH DOT will cease dispatching fire and ems in the next year or two. The towns are considering a dispatch center at Weeks. Weeks has a virtual empty doctor's office building across from the medical center.