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Misc new listings for Wyoming


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Apr 19, 2005
Arlington MA
these are new in the sense that I had to add them to the Zerg90 USA Freqs
spreadsheet - so either they are brand new channels / freqs - or - I
had neglected to add them to the spreadsheet previously - there might
be other new freqs also - I did not look at the AM air freqs yet

from 2019 Cody Field Ops Guide

Bighorn Natl Forest - NE Zone - repeater output is now 170.475 with PL 110.9

Bighorn Natl Forest - NW Zone - input is now 162.6125

Wyoming Air Zone 05 now has 169.125 - (maybe as primary)

BLM Wind River Big Horn Basin District now has - Fire 1 166.6375 -
Fire 2 166.825

Shoshone Natl Forest now has 168.75 as Fire Tac

Shoshone Natl Forest Wind River Zone now has 164.875 as input

Shoshone Natl Forest Washakie Zone now has 164.825 as input

Big Horn Canyon NRA now has - Medicine Mtn repeater - 169.55 R -
output PL 131.8 - 164.25 input

Yellowstone Natl Park now has South Zone repeater at Top Notch -
165.5875 R - output PL 118.8 - 164.80 input