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Nov 19, 2016
Sauk Centre, Minnesota
I've been drooling over the sds200 for over a year now and finally am able to afford one. It is supposed to be delivered Tuesday. I have a couple miscellaneous questions.

1. In the display settings for the volume and squelch, does it stay on all the time. I see by watching YouTube that it is showing all the time but marks easier to read manuals says it is only for 3 seconds

2. Yes, I've read a lot on this forum concerning the filters that it all depends upon location, but could use a starting point for conventional frequencies. I'm in a more rural environment so I'm tempted to go for off. Some input would be helpful

3. This is a question I've always have had with the 996. With the audio type set to all does it search for and display the ctcss/dpl/nac/cc/ran/area codes
I've always have duplicated frequencies one for digital search and one for analog search. I'm just wondering if that is necessary

4. I've read on the forums to copy ProScan into another folder for multiple instances. Do you all rename for specific scanner or how do you keep the separate. Also do you have multiple desktop shortcuts for each instance

5. Can someone give the scoop on how to setup recording. I've read marks easier to read manual and seems vague

That's it for now
I might have more questions when it arrives. Thanks
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