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Sep 15, 2006
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Although Sacramento and Roseville (Placer County) have now gone to trunking systems; each city does have other frequencies licensed to them. When I click on Sacramento County, there is no selection for Sacramento City (other than the trunked system). When I click on Placer County, there is no selection for the city of Roseville (other than the trunked system).

For example:
WNHX890 is licensed to the city of Sacramento on several freqs including 859.4625 MHz; but its purpose does not show up anywhere here.

WNXW518 is licensed to Roseville on a pair of freqs (854.9875 MHz); but has the same status as above.

There are quite a few freqs that fit this situation.



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May 10, 2005
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Post the Data to the Thread or the Database

Hello George,

Feel free to submit your data, frequencies, listings, etc., to the We Need Updated and New Database Information for California thread. In this thread, other people from California (and others) will be able to review, discuss, and suggest further detail in order for the data to be ready for submission to the RadioReference.com database. After that time, then you can submit it to the database.

If you feel you have the exact data with all the pertinent information, also feel free to submit the data yourself to the RR database in the appropriate State/County/City.

I suggest the first option, so that we can all take a look and make sure the data is correct and complete. However, it is your choice.

We want to make the California database complete and accurate.

Thank you for your input. :wink:

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