Mississauga CACC, Peel NE talkgroup on Charlton

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Oct 29, 2002
Downtown Hamilton
I have noticed for the last few weeks that Peel NE, the talkgroup (35856) for Peel Ems in the NE part of M.dot and Brampton is affiliating with Charlton all the time now. From casual monitoring, I have heard dispatchers mention that there have been some changes with the Peel desk but cant confirm whether this is so.

I haven't seen the remainder of the Peel talkgroups affiliate with Charlton and all the calls on Peel NE are in the Darcel, Goreway, Derry E and Brampton area as per usual.

I'd expect that if anything, I'd hear one of the SW or SE talkgroups affiliate with Charlton, they do call shares with the Halton desk all the time.

I cant monitor Brittania from Aldershot here.

Is this change due to staff issues, as it began in December, maybe people are on holiday. Has the Peel desk undergone changes lately?

Happy new year to all. I have had a horrible year, I am hoping that 2014 brings about some goodness, in my 13 years of membership to this website.

Not open for further replies.