MNRF forest fire fighting in Sudbury District


May 18, 2002
Ottawa, on and Rochester, ny
Hey all.
I know every summer there’s at least one, if not a couple posts asking about this, so figured I would share what I’ve found/verified first hand over the past week or so with the fire season starting to ramp up around here, the radio has been hopping.

Regional dispatch (liftoff/landing reports, new fire investigations, progress reports/size-ups, crew/equipment requests, fire watch patrols etc.) are on Ch 02 (46.640).
Fireground Ops are on channels 36 and 37, depending how many fires are going at one time.
Air coms are using 122.250.
I remember a repeater being used back in the day, when visiting family up here, but have had no success finding that, so thinking it might be decommissioned. TAFL shows two possibilities 413.1875 and 413.9125, which are both silent.

If anyone has anything else to add, feel free.