Mobile City/County TG Update

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Mar 26, 2007
Mobile AL
Hey all...

A few days ago I caught a new talk group on the Cities system. 17552.

I could tell by the audio that it was a patch from somewhere, and from the content of the transmissions it appeared to be law enforcement. Couldnt tell what agencies were involved at first. Locations discussed were in Pritchard and I suspect that they may have been undercover officers. I heard at least one capture take place but couldn't catch the original source of the transmissions on the county side.

Today though, when I heard activity on the TG (17552) I was able to locate the origin on the county side. TG 02-047 is listed as Mutual Aid 3 in the Counties listing. What I was hearing today was the University of South Alabama Police working with Mobile PD Traffic officers to control traffic in and around the campus and Stanky field. Apparently there was a baseball game there that drew a VERY large crowd, including several buss loads of people from out of town. It was interesting to listen to both agencies working together.

So I have added 17552 to my listing and linked it to 02-047. Thought the rest of you that monitor here in Mobile would like to do the same.



Has anyone else noticed in the past few days an increase in the amount of bogus talk groups appearing on your scanner while doing ID SEARCHES?
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