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Mobile Use of Scanners

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Dec 15, 2001
Is anyone able to advise whether it is accepted to monitor a scanner in a car in Alberta and British Columbia?

I'm also looking for a valuable source of current frequencies to monitor while in the Jasper - - Kimberley - Fernie - Banff - Calgary area. Checked the database here, but not too much there.


Feb 25, 2003
Burnaby BC
It isn't illegal to use a scanner in a vehicle in British Columbia. I have used my BC780XLT in my vehicle many many times and have never been pulled over.

If you're using a scenner in a vehicle, may I suggest Radio Shack's Car kit? It is an audio
feed to the stereo system using an audio cassette that goes into the tape player. It has
only the audio pickup head on it. The result will be the scanner will send the audio into the car's stereo system for better sound.

For frequencies, I would suggest Industry Canada's Strategis TAFL which lists every frequency assigned for specific geographic areas of Canada.

Drive safely.

The outlying areas do not use digital equipment so you can listen to the Queen's Cowboys
in the area.
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