Moccasin MTN wildland fire


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Mar 22, 2007
Lewistown, Montana
South Moccasin Mountain wild land fire approximately 8 miles NW of Lewistown, started just after noontime. Mutual aid from all nearby Fire agencies. DNRC,
BLM, Forest Service.
S. Moccasin Mountain has numerous communications towers and tv translators on it. Air tankers arrived and put down retardant near the tower/buildings.
Air tankers were coming out of Helena. Several rotary wing aircraft on scene doing bucket drops.
Air Attack and fixed wing aircraft on 124.925 am.
Some air to ground on 151.22 nfm
Ground crews on the following:
Maroon. 154.28 nfm
Red. 154.07 nfm
Scarlet. 154.295 nfm
Fergus CO. Fire 158.94 nfm
Fergus CO. DES 153.755 nfm

Some activity on the State Trunked system (MPSCS)
TGid 4497 Lewistown Fire
TGid 4441 Fergus CO SO
Tgid 4447 Fergus CO SO Spec Ops

Updates as I hear them.
73, Rex
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