Monitoring remote transmission sites. Potential project for somebody or advice to help me build.

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Apr 11, 2020
We have a number of transmitter sites transmitting live audio and I monitor them by remotely connecting to each streaming PC and monitoring the streaming decoder. On each receiving streaming PC I have a software controlled silence detector which sends me an email when silence is detected, it is also capable of making an HTTP request.
Ideally I would like to setup a dynamic web page with all my transmission sites giving me a real time status report. If a remote site is unable to post an HTTP request to the web server, after a set timeout duration the web page would indicate that there may be an Internet failure or interruption of streaming audio at a given site.
I'm sure that such a similar application must exist somewhere, and I don't want to try to "reinvent the wheel" as it were, but I cannot find an appropriate solution. My programming knowledge is very limited, but I'm very keen to learn. Once I get the first stage implemented I want to be able to add additional features such as send a ping request to determine if the remote site has lost internet connection, the ability to listen to the remote site from a tuner which will confirm if the transmitter is functioning correctly and be able to perform a hard reboot the equipment at the remote site should it lock up. I have dabbled using Arduino and I know that the project components exist, it is just a case of pulling them all together.
Can any of you help me?


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Feb 19, 2011
I do most of my monitoring with Node-Red. I run it on a raspberry pi (Linux), but it also runs on Windows and Mac.

It can serve up a web page, ping sites, send emails or push notifications, monitor MQTT, and issue commands to remote locations.
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