Monmouth County, NJ Plans $21 million radio system upgrade

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Oct 4, 2007
There are so many inaccuracies, false statements and exaggerations in that article (in particular the quotes from the officials), that my head is spinning! It's pretty clear that there are aggressive radio vendors out there scaring the daylights out of these officials with their doomsday scenarios, causing them to panic and buy multi-million dollar systems without having any real facts.

What does dialing 911 have to do with UHF radios, as the Sheriff eluded to in this ridiculous statement?:

"My worst fear as sheriff is on 2011 you dial 911 and you can't get through to my communication center … because our radios don't work."

Don't get me wrong, over the next few years, everyone will have to address the issue of legacy equipment that won't operate properly on narrowbanded frequencies. Radios are going to have to be replaced regardless. However, these officials need to get a better grasp on the reality and FACTS of the situation, instead of just relying on what the salesmen are whispering in their ears!
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