MONROE CO “mock” terrorist event on October 7, 2006.

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Sep 5, 2003
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Subject: Press Release: (For Immediate Release or Publication)

]. The Monroe County Emergency Management Agency, in conjunction with the
Northeast Pennsylvania Emergency Response Group is staging a “mock” terrorist
event on October 7, 2006. This full scale exercise will both integrate and
test the County emergency response and disaster resources.

New to county exercises will be the criminal element, or deliberate
causation of the disaster. “While individual agencies have drilled in the past
for disasters, this is one of the first times we will be exercising on such a
large scale, with so many agencies, and respond to a “potential” terrorism
event, “a large crime scene”, Werts said.

Approximately 25 agencies from the County will role play in the activity,
and approximately 100 to 125 individual responders to participate. County
First Responders (Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services) will be first to
receive calls to the event, which will include simulated Weapons of Mass
Destruction (WMD) and large amounts of casualties and fatalities. Hospital
resources will be placed on alert and will receive and treat contaminated victims.
Specialized rescue and response teams will next be called. State and
Federal agencies, including the State Emergency Management Agency’s Emergency
Operations Center and the PA DEP Emergency Response Group will participate. The
Federal Bureau of Investigation is also a participant. Contractors who
specialize in response and recovery to these events will also be contacted. “We
have learned that in a terrorism event, we need multiple, trained and
credentialed resources, who have practiced and played together prior to the incident”
, according to Robert Flanagan, EMA Director in Lackawanna County and
Chairman of the Emergency Response Group. “That’s why we engaged a highly
qualified contractor to test our system; to plan a realistic scenario and to bring
in qualified evaluators from around the Country who have seen first hand, the
results and needs of a terrorism event”.

Cocciardi and Associates, Inc., a Pennsylvania based Safety and Emergency
Management Consulting firm, was engaged by the Emergency Response Group to plan
the events, then schedule and evaluate a drill in each county in Northeast

“Evaluators for these exercises come from real world experience”, according
to Dr. Joseph Cocciardi, Principal in the consulting group. “Doctors and
medical specialists from Philadelphia, Emergency responders from Boston, New
York and Washington DC, and former military explosives specialists were
involved in exercise development and will evaluate each aspect of the County’s
response to this simulated terrorism event”.

“Pocono Medical Center has already practiced these procedures through
on-site exercises, according to Robert Werts, the Emergency Response Group Program
Manager. They are particularly well prepared and are ready to try activities
out in a real world setting”.

We are not “burying our heads in the sand” said Werts, “but meeting this
potential threat in an organized, efficient and professional manner. The County
’s first responders, hospitals and disaster teams will certainly benefit
from the exercise, and we plan to address any recommendations that are noted by

Werts said, “We would like to advise the public that they will not be able
to watch activities on-site, due to the classified nature of some of the
actions that will occur. We are requesting that all of the County’s citizens help
support our effort by remaining away from any drill sites. Credentialed
News Media representatives will be escorted into the simulated hazardous areas
to observe and photograph activities as they occur”.
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