montgomery county t.g. 58264


Dec 19, 2002
Caught some activity on 58264 wednesday. i had this as a unknown maybe hospital.Sounded like detective-task force. one radio -id was kettering police 5754341. The other three was 5770706 5770709 5770731 or something close to it. i know the 57707** im sure of. also now we know that 57707** isnt miami valley career center. Maybe at on time but not now. On the wiki for montgomery county radio ids we have the miami valley career center twice. 57171** and 57707** we will have to do some work on this. Caught all this on my new ws1065. to my surprise it isnt that bad on montgomery county simulcast. Not perfect but im hearing more conversation than i ever heard on my gre600 for montgomery county marcs ip. not sure if it is atmosphere or what but montgomery county comes in better than miami county even though im closer to miami county. Anyone who has the software to watch traffic on this talk group and record radio ids would be a help.