Montrose Drowning, as paged yesterday

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Dec 11, 2002
2-year-old boy drowns in Montrose Sunday

MONTROSE — A 2-year-old boy died Sunday night of drowning in rural Montrose County, said Montrose County Sheriff Rick Dunlap.

The boy was discovered missing about 7 p.m., Dunlap said a large group of people began searching for him. The family did not speak English, Dunlap said, and a neighbor called to report the child missing about 8 p.m.

As deputies were en route to the mobile home on 6800 Road where the family lived, deputies were informed that the boy had been found in water and was not breathing.

“Upon arrival deputies observed several people in the area and CPR being performed on a small child,” Dunlap said. “Deputies took over CPR and continued until emergency services arrived. The child was then transported to Montrose Hospital and was pronounced dead a short time later.”

Dunlap said the boy apparently fell into a septic tank.

“We don’t know whether they had to take the lid off to work on it or not and we are investigating this as an accident,” he said.

A large number of people were at the residence all afternoon, riding horses and 4-wheelers, Dunlap said.

The name of the boy and his family are not being released at this time, Dunlap said.

— Beverly Corbell
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