More features/changes for the X36

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Silent Key
Dec 19, 2002
Supply (Lockwood Inlet area), NC
1. (At least an option to) display the activity CC and/or voice frequency.

2. Change the knob on top to be default of adjust volume (tedious to adjust the volume after pressing the knob down first - particularly when driving). IF this can't be done, provide a key sequence like 4/6 to adjust the volume.

3. Allow replay of recordings directly from the REPLAY is enabled even when USER RECORDING is active. Instead of blocking replay, take the user to the review recordings menu.

4. Find a spot to display the currently active SITE on the 536 display like it displays on the 436.

5. Provide an option to review/display the systems/site/departments and their on/off status (not with **** but a list with names).

6. Provide a way to enable ALL systems/sites/departments at the same time. I'll back off from there. Right now, it's really hard to determine what is on and what is not.
Not open for further replies.