More on programming the SDS100


May 2, 2005
I live near the ocean on the Midcoast of Maine. I want to hear the maritime frequencies. I set up a FL called Boating and followed the instructions to bring the Maritime (USA) frequencies into the list. But when I go to select the service types on my SDS100 I cannot find any Maritime service type, and therefore my scanner won't pick up the local boat traffic. What am I doing wrong? (FYI - to see if the scanner will pick up the boats, I set my zip code in and turned on the national database, with a range of 10 miles. It works that way. But I want to set up a FL to hear just the boats. Why won't the service type appear on the list? Thanks for any help. Also, I have a portable marine radio that works and can transmit on a marine freq to check my radio). Any suggestions? Thank you


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Dec 19, 2002
Arlington, TX
Yeah that Transportation service label tells me that Uniden and/or RadioReference forgot all about the maritime bands when laying out the service types.That's like putting Aircraft or Railroads in the transportation category also.

The maritime category used to be in the old predefined service type scan sections in the previous models of scanners didn't it? I'm not looking at one right now but I'm 95% sure it was. I was looking for the same Maritime label after the BCD436HP came out and I was wanting to just label and also listen in on some of the Lake Patrol, US Coast Guard Auxiliary, and marina frequencies in my area. I soon realized the new scanners no longer had "Maritime" as one of their service types/labels anymore. Unless you live somewhere like New York Harbor or some other place that has ferry boats, I don't think you usually think of transportation when you think of the marine maritime boating frequencies or the USCG frequencies :) I still don't label my Marine types of entries with "Transportation" on the SDS100 or 200...

I had asked Paul Opitz back before he passed away if there was ever going to be a way to name the Custom # labels. He told me that it was definitely not in any immediate plans at the time but that he had gotten a lot of requests for that same exact capability and it might be something Uniden did in the future models. It's just too bad he never got a chance to do anything about it had he ever decided to. 😞