Most powerful combo to buy

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Mar 2, 2013
Hello all!

I currently have a Yaesu 2900R hooked up to 100 feet of LMR400 cable from cablexperts which goes to a Ringo Ranger II antenna that is on top of a 40 foot mast. The tip of the Ringo Ranger is around 55 feet in the air. I only listen to the railroad band, Norfolk Southern 160.950, and never broadcast. The antenna itself is largely unobstructed by trees, neighboring houses, etc.

I have experimented by hooking up my Kenwood TK290 which does improve the reception slightly on the set-up.

My question is this... What is the most powerful scanner, mobile radio, or whatever else you all would recommend for my set-up. I want something that has a large amount of power to receive. I am really, really curious to your answers.

Thanks for your time and replies!
Not open for further replies.