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Motorola APX 7000...when will the first one show up on ebay?

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Sep 8, 2002
Motorola just recently announced the new APX 7000 multi-band, TWO-SIDED portable radio.

Yeah..two sided. The battery inserts at the bottom and lower side of one side. It has a large,
full color LCD display on one side, and a good sized speaker on the other. PTT buttons on both sides,
too. It takes the Saber ergonomic form factor to a double-sided, T-shaped conclusion.

It looks like it'll be REALLY expensive. The model currently offered is 700/800 MHz and VHF in the same
radio, with other bands being available in the future.

I'm sort of impressed, based on the videos on Motorola's site, and the documentation they provide.

But would anyone care to guess how long it'll be before they show up on ebay, and maybe with
serial numbers like ABC123, etc???

I'd also like to know who's been field testing them and who's going to be the first agency that buys them.



Database Admin
Jan 7, 2006
Not sure about Ebay, perhaps 2-3 years? Who can tell.

I think this series of radio was designed as a result of several large contracts being gained by Motorola in the USA.

At least two state-wide Hybrid VHF/700-800mhz P25 TRS's are in-build by them and this would allow VHF communication in the rural areas with the ability to change to 700-800mhz sites for urban areas.

I imagine they are also intending to take a slice of the 'interoperability pie' and get orders from agencies that want the dual band ability.

I think Motorola lost out on a large contract for the US Government to Thales not long ago because they couldn't have a multi band radio ready, looks like they are playing catchup now.
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