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Motorola Astro Tac ID?

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Jun 23, 2008
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1) There is no such thing as "Astro Tac mode." (AstroTac is the name of the receiver comparator employed in a Motorola P25 system; it has nothing to do with radio IDs.)

2) A radio may be programmed with, and may send (and others may decode), an ID unique to that radio (UserID) by several means. The most common in conventional analog is MDC. When in Astro mode, the ID is part of the packet header sent by the sending radio (in direct mode).

3) A radio may be programmed to display a transmitting radio's ID in either native mode (as a number) or alias mode. That is to say, if I transmit on a radio with an MDC ID of 25E1, you could program your radio to display "RKG" whenever the ID of 25E1 is received. Works the same in Astro mode.

4) An MDC ID is a 4-digit hexadecimal number (with some limitations: "0000h" is not permitted; an E is not permitted in the first digit, and an F is not permitted in any digit). An Astro ID is a decimal number, in the range of 1 through 9999999.

5) An XTS portable can be programmed to show its own ID in the ID line, whenever that line is idle. This is sort of a useless feature (in my opinion), but it does show up in some of the screen shots in the referenced video.


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There is also the "Soft ID" feature that is capable of sending actual text. With radios capable of this I put in the users call sign.
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